Learning how to build a website for trumpeters

This post finds me on my 49th birthday. Today, I started putting in birthdays, death days, and premiere days, important to the trumpeting world, into my website.

My plan is to have outstanding information for all kinds of who will find my site one day. Not only will I expand the “This Day in Trumpet History” and the “Trumpet History Timeline”, but I will also work on a database for trumpet literature, sound clips, links, pedagogical tools, and, yes, blogs.

My goal is to help trumpeters everyday.

Who am I?

I am Stanley Curtis, a trumpet player living in the Washington, DC, metro area. I enjoy playing , recital-ing, playing early music concerts, and teaching . About my early : I play baroque trumpet and the cornetto. I had a chance to learn quite a bit about these instruments and their literature at and at the in Amsterdam. I love the atmosphere of playing music that is a little different. New, modern music. . Renaissance music. And jazz–I love trying to learn how to improvise, but I wouldn’t consider myself an actual jazz musician.

I teach at George Mason University, and I am a member of the U. S. Navy Band (and the U. S. Navy Band Brass Quartet). I play in the Washington Bach Consort and the Bach Sinfonia.