Trumpet teaching, new ideas

This blog is, if nothing else, a sounding board. So, I will sound out some of my more extreme ideas on what trumpet teaching could be for this blog post.

  1. What if trumpet teaching were done only as a group?
  2. What if students had to learn their repertoire only by listening?
  3. What if students had to submit a recording of their own efforts before their lessons?
  4. What if students directed their own study and their teacher adjusted exercises and advice to suit the student’s inclinations?
  5. What if teamwork were emphasized?
  6. What if teachers had an open-door policy for students to come at any time?
  7. What if students had to produce a professional-quality recorded track each semester?
  8. What if students had to write their own exercises?
  9. What if students had to earn $30 in a day by busking to pass their jury?
  10. What if students had to compose or improvise an original piece each semester?
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Five Things Friday: Teamwork in the Trumpet Studio

Trumpet Hang at the German court of Swerin (18th C.)

There is a trend that I am noticing in my life–there are fewer opportunities to hang out with trumpeters. Fewer opportunities to play together and chat about trumpet things. Nevertheless, there are big benefits to working together with other trumpeters, especially in a studio at a school of music. If you are looking for ways to get better, try getting together. Here is some motivation:

  1. Data points to significant health benefits to belonging to a group.
  2. When you combine group class, trumpet hangs, workshops and conferences to your lessons, you will learn more and be more motivated.
  3. When you’re hanging with other trumpeters, not even talking about the trumpet, you are building strong social bonds that help prevent burnout.
  4. You are a team with your teacher. Although online instruction is better and more accessible these days, you should put more importance into lessons with a real person.
  5. More experienced members of a trumpet studio help to mentor the less experienced–they get experience to help them become successful teachers. Less experienced members of the trumpet studio learn faster, because they get extra mentoring, and because they see the kind of workflow that goes with purposeful practice.
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