CSU Trumpet Day: Saturday, October 27

As trumpet teacher at Colorado State University, I am thrilled to host my first “CSU Trumpet Day.” This is pretty exciting news, because I will get to bring together Colorado trumpeters on Saturday, October 27 in the Instrumental Rehearsal Hall and Runyan Rehearsal Hall at CSU’s University Center for the Arts (UCA). A kind of mini-trumpet guild of Colorado. Go here for more information. Registration is $20, but that money goes a long way to get you a pizza lunch, a CSU Trumpet Day t-shirt, and a little trumpet swag.

Here is the schedule for the day:

8:30—Registration (Runyan Rehearsal Hall)
9:00—Clinic with Stanley Curtis (Runyan Rehearsal Hall)
10:00—Clinic with Dawn Kramer (Runyan Rehearsal Hall)
11:15—Trumpet Ensemble Rehearsal 
12:30—Pizza lunch: CSU jazz combo (Instrumental Rehearsal Hall)
1:00—Clinic with Sophie Urban (Runyan Rehearsal Hall)
2:00—Clinic with Justin Bartels (Runyan Rehearsal Hall)
3:00—Concert: solos from clinicians, CSU Trumpet Ensemble, Participant Trumpet Ensembles (Runyan Rehearsal Hall)

We will have three guest clinicians:

Justin Bartels, principal trumpet, Colorado Symphony


The fabulous orchestral trumpeter, Justin Bartels, of the Colorado Symphony. He will talk about practice techniques and play the Honegger Intrada. Look for impressive tone and experience as an orchestral trumpeter



Dawn Kramer, freelance trumpeter

Dawn Kramer, a freelance trumpeter in Colorado and member of the Boulder Brass, will present “Jack or Jill of All Trades: Developing skills to become a well-rounded freelance trumpet player.” Look for tips on how to make it as a trumpeter playing a variety of jobs, including movie music, salsa bands, musicals, orchestras, cruise lines and rock bands.





Sophie Urban, young trumpet soloist


Young trumpeter Sophie Urban, winner of the ITG Young Artist Award, will present a clinic she calls, “Yoda on Trumpet: Learning from the Masters.” She is looking forward to playing the Viviani Sonata Seconda, the Enesco Legende, and Kevin McKee’s Song for a Friend (a tribute to Colorado trumpeter John Wacker, who was killed in an automobile accident in 2014). She is a sophomore at Coronado High School in Colorado Springs. Sophie is a member of the Denver Young Artists Orchestra. She recently won the winds/brass concerto competition and will be performing Enesco’s Legend in November with the orchestra. From 2013-2018, Sophie participated in the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association and was principal trumpet in the Youth Symphony for the last two years. She has received two honorable mentions for her performances in the annual Young Artist Concerto Competition. Sophie was a finalist in the International Trumpet Guild (ITG) Junior Competition in 2017 as well as a semifinalist in the National Trumpet Competition and the Young Musicians Foundation of Colorado in the same year.

Stanley Curtis (that’s me) will present “How to play your best on auditions: Colorado All-State and beyond.”

Speaking of which, if trumpeters want to play in a trumpet ensemble on this day, I recommend that they submit an mp3 recording of some excerpts (these are posted on the CSU Trumpet Day site. The excerpts for trumpeters, high school age and older, are the same excerpts as the Colorado All-State excerpts for this year. There is an easier excerpt for younger trumpeters.

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Happy sixth birthday to Trumpet Journey: six facts

I’m incredibly proud and grateful for the past six years of Trumpet Journey. Really, it has been my journey, and I am so glad that I got to share it with you.

Here are six facts about TJ that are worthy of a list:

  1. There are 163 posts on TJ, including this one.
  2. There have been 245,000 visitors from all around the world.
  3. Trumpet Journey was recently judged to be one of the top-ten trumpet-related blogs in the world by Last Row Music website and as a top site to help beginning trumpeters by TrumpetHub.
  4. My top-ten lists are the most popular posts that I have written. People love these lists–it gives them a place to start, and it gives them an opinion to embrace–or disagree with. The top top-ten list is from a long time ago: jazz trumpeters living today.
  5. I love to do interviews with other trumpeters. I’ve done 27 so far. Two of them were bilingual (Portuguese/English and Italian/English).
  6. There have been 300 comments on the site. But thousands more on social media shares of the posts. I love the positive comments, but I also like the more-critical ones–they make me think.

My future plans for this next year:

  1. Continuing with my “Trumpet Happiness” exploration. It’s been on pause a little bit, but I’m ready to get back to it! It makes me happy.
  2. Writing about some of the big changes in my life over the last few months: retiring from the U.S. Navy Band and starting to teach full-time at Colorado State University. (by the way, I’ll be looking to recruit new students for the fall of 2019!) I will also be looking into my forthcoming recording project and the publishing of my compositions.
  3. More interviews.
  4. More special content. Like the “This Day in Trumpet History” widget that appears from time to time on the webpage. Like more entries in the Trumpet History Timeline.
  5. More lists. What can I say? I love lists!

Here are some wonderful photos from past posts. Enjoy!

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