Let’s talk slurs: part 2, types of slur studies

There are many types of slur studies. Here is the way I divide them up with some examples taken from standard trumpet study books:

  1. Interval studies (e.g., ’s slur studies #1-15; Colin, much of vol. 2)
  2. Arpeggios (e.g., ’s Technical Studies, “Third Study,” “Seventh Study,”)
  3. Consecutive notes in harmonic series (e.g., , #7-15; , #1, 2, 4-14; 17-19; 21-24; most of Colin, vol. 1; most of the Bai Lin book)
  4. Skip (Schlossberg, 31-34; Bai Lin 3, 4, 8, 13-15, 19-21, 23-30; 34-38)
  5. Octaves, which is a type of skip slur (Schlossberg, #49-58)
  6. Glissandos (Smith, “The Glissando” section; Clarke, “Tenth Study”)
  7. Lip Slurs (Colin, much of vol. 2 and vol. 3)
  8. Lip slurs with valves (works by Belck)

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Clarke, Herbert L., Technical Studies for the Cornet
Irons, Earl D., Twenty-Seven Groups of Exercises for Cornet and Trumpet
Lin, Bai, Lip Flexibilities for All Brass Instruments
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