Ambitious New Resolution for Trumpet Journey

For more than five months, I haven’t posted anything personal in Trumpet Journey. I have really enjoyed a rather limited diet of interviews with awesome trumpeters (the last one, with Jonathan Barnes, was published about two months ago). Unfortunately, the process of getting a trumpeter from the “I’m interested!” phase to the published product is long and winding, and I realize that I, myself, have a lot thoughts that I would like to put into this blog, while waiting on some of these amazing interviews to come about.

I’ve been looking up my Google Analytics for this site. Nowadays, I get a little more than eight unique visits per day (243 visits over the last 30 days). That may sound small, but, to me, that sounds like a great number–especially at this relatively early stage in this website’s history. In terms of trumpet outreach, it’s like giving eight lessons per day, which is a lot.

Facebook and Google help most of my visitors find my website. Most visitors come to check out Chris Gekker’s interview, but a lot of visitors just come to the home page. Quite a few have looked at my interview with Navy Band jazz trumpeter, Jonathan Barnes, and teacher, jazz trumpeter and baroque trumpeter, Brian Shaw. Also popular are searches for “trumpet pedagogy” within my website and “cornetto,” which tells me what a lot of my visitors would like to read about!

Map of Visitors to Trumpet Journey
Map of Visitors to Trumpet Journey

Most of my visitors are from the United States. But I am humbled by visits from Brazil (9.1%), Australia (4.5%), France (3.6%), Canada (2.6%), Italy (2.5%), Puerto Rico (2.6%), Germany (1.9%), U. K. (1.6%), New Zealand (1.%), Russia (1.3%), Austria (1%) and Poland (1%). Thank you. Merci. Schönen Dank. Спасибо. Dziękuję. Gracias. Obrigado.

I would like my readers to check out some of the other parts of my website–particularly helpful to some students might be the lesson plans and the links to other websites. The “Some Useful Links” has a cool look: you can see a tiny version of each website that I provide a link to.

I have decided to challenge myself and enrich my website. I promise to publish one new post per day for the next forty-six days–from today, August 2, 2013, until Friday, September 27, 2013, which is the One-Year Anniversary of Trumpet JourneyOkay, that’s not nearly as ambitious as, say, Julie Powell, who blogged about cooking each of Julia Child’s 524 recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking. But I want a goal that I can attain with some certainty. After that, I will look at this daily goal again, see how the visits and comments are going, and figure out what will work the best for the next year.

Thanks again to all of my readers!! Please let me know how you like the posts. 


2 responses to “Ambitious New Resolution for Trumpet Journey”

  1. Peter Czekaj Avatar
    Peter Czekaj

    if you would like to talk to a trumpeter, that has battled back to performing status after taking 10 years off, I think I can get you an interview, . . .

    1. Stanley Avatar

      Pete, I’d love to see your story on this blog. Are you interested in doing an interview?

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