Blog Sabbatical for Trumpet Concerto Project

On my post, Ambitious New Resolution for Trumpet Journey, I wrote:

I promise to publish one new post per day for the next forty-six days–from today, August 2, 2013, until Friday, September 27, 2013, which is the One-Year Anniversary of Trumpet Journey


Now I realize that I need to modify that promise, because I have to finish a trumpet composition that I have been putting off. I am really excited about this piece, and I cannot wait to have it finished! So I am planning on taking at least a few week’s vacation.

The trumpet piece, a concerto for trumpet and orchestra, is called Night Passages and will premiere in February, 2014 with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic under Ulysses James. I have finished sketching the first movement called “Night Fall,” which features the flugelhorn with a lot of pedal notes, and I am currently working on the sketch of the second movement, “Night Walk.” The third movement will be called “Night Club.”

Here’s a midi file “recording” of the first movement sketch, so you can get an idea of this composition. As the “sun” sets musically, listen for the “stars” (bell-like instruments) to start to appear. Shortly after this, you’ll hear a trombone-like instrument, which is the flugel playing in the pedal register. Part of this composition was inspired from a previous piece I wrote for my 13-year-old son, who is a fabulous violinist. Of course, a lot of the orchestration is still unfinished.

[audio:|titles=midi recording of Night Passages, Movement I, “Night Fall”]

As I look back over the last month, this blog has gone from an average of 8 unique visits a day to about 100 visits a day. My favorite posts have been the ones which triggered thoughtful and heartfelt comments. There are some other exciting projects that I am looking forward to on Trumpet Journey later on: more interviews, some posts written by some of my students, literature review, and other projects.





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