Trumpet Happiness, month one: December

This is when the rubber meets the road. Every month, I’m going to come up with a handful of resolutions that I will try to keep for that month (and hopefully continue to keep during the next months that follow). I will try to pick out resolutions that start with the basics of being a happy trumpeter and human being, and then build on that in subsequent months. Why resolutions? Because I think you have to culture your happiness from within. You can’t wait for happy things to just come your way. 

Benjamin Franklin, one of my favorite human beings

Benjamin Franklin said, “How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.” Energy, focus, streamlining, and getting things done are my goals in December. And here are my resolutions for December (Ha! I beat everybody else who is going to make resolutions next month!):

  • get fitter in my whole body
  • start organizing, logging, recording my practice
  • blog everyday
  • finish my “to-do” list items as soon as possible
  • think of ways to streamline my to-do list 
  • act the way I want to sound on the trumpet: big-hearted, confident, engaging


3 responses to “Trumpet Happiness, month one: December”

  1. Hi Stanley,

    I’ve been a subscriber to your blog feed for some time, and am watching this Happiness series with great interest!!

    I notice that one of your resolutions for this month is to organize/log/record your practice. At the risk of being shamelessly self-promotional, may I suggest you check out my web app, “Dr. Flegg’s Structured Practice Method?” It is a tool designed and built by me (a professional trumpeter and teacher) for exactly this purpose!!

    I’ll link to it below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Mark–looks very interesting. Just saw the online video. Like. Let me think about it a bit. Perhaps I’ll give it a trial run. Best,

      1. Awesome, thanks for taking a look. I hope you decide to try it… keep me posted! 🙂

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