Chores count as exercise!

If you read yesterday’s blog, you know that I’m looking for workouts that can boost my happiness. Today I found a great one.

While I was raking today, I saw this late beauty in the leaves.

Even though I was “supposed” to do calisthenics today, I needed to rake leaves, so I raked for about an hour and fifteen minutes, which comes out to about 370 calories. Add to that a walk with my dogs around the neighborhood and that’s not too bad for a day’s workout for me! I was able to cross off a few things on my exercise list: I did an exercise that was fun for me; it was different than what I was expecting; and my exercise was outside with a bit of sun and a lot of earthy smells.

The Japanese have been promoting nature walks for several decades now. They call it “Shinrin yoku.” Apparently, this means forest bathing or taking in the air of the forest. Even though I wasn’t raking leaves in a forest, I feel like I got a boost of happiness that was beyond just the effects of my exercise. You can read more about Shinrin yoku here, if you’re interested!



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