Why should you record–a top ten list

Me, doing a recording session last June (2017).

Yesterday, I promoted the concept of recording during your practice sessions. I gave some reasons. Today, I’m going to give you my

Top Ten Reasons to record yourself when you practice:

  1. It will force you to organize your practice sessions, so that you can have recordable parts (as opposed to random things that you are throwing together)
  2. You can listen to yourself objectively, so that you can improve
  3. You will imitate the feeling of performing for an audience
  4. It will force you to practice a lot more repetitions in order to get a good take
  5. It will force you to balance the impulse of risky phrasing with the necessities of getting right notes
  6. It will help you become less self-conscious, more confident
  7. It will force you to rest more frequently in your practice session (in order to hear each take, and in order to sound fresh for the takes)
  8. If you video yourself, it will give you feedback on your body language (and facial expressions)
  9. It will help you take your playing to the next level
  10. It will give you material to post online to enthuse your fans

Record yourself. You’ll begin to really like your playing.

Trust me on this.


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