Throwback Thursday: National Trumpet Competition Historic Division 2007

Today, I wanted to share a competition that I organized from 2004 to 2009 in conjunction with the National Trumpet Competition: the Historic Division, which mainly focused on baroque trumpet. It was a lot of work, but very satisfying. From those years, a lot of trumpet players started an illustrious career in early music. For this post, I’ll share some photos and some information about the competition. I’m pretty sure the photographer was Vera Hørven Olcott. 

A look back at the NTC Historic Division 2007


Chair, Dr. Stanley Curtis, U. S. Navy Band, George Mason University (that’s me!)
Niklas Eklund, Honorary Chair (Niklas’ presence was made possible by Naumann Trumpets)
Barry Bauguess, Nationally recognized Baroque Trumpet Artist
Ray Burkhart, Claremont Graduate University
Robert Civiletti, Baroque Trumpet Artist
Dr. Thomas Huener, Eastern Carolina University
Dr. Elisa Koehler, Goucher College (who organized the finals in my absence)

Jennifer Cabot, performed with Niklas on his recital.

John O’Brien accompanied not only the competitors on his Klop Baroque Continuo Organ, but also playing on Nik’s recital.

Melissa Coombs sang three different arias with 13 different finalists yesterday. She only had one day notice to rearrange her schedule and prepare for this competition.

Winners of the 2007 Historic Division

Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Award (open age, no monetary award)          

Kentucky Baroque Trumpet Ensemble


Winner: Kentucky Baroque Trumpets


Fray Antoni Martín I Coll Award (named in honor of the prolific Catalan trumpet composer-monk, this award is offered as a new solo category not allowing the use of finger holes, in other words, just as they played the natural trumpet 400 years ago).

1st Prize: Baroque trumpet made by Francisco Pérez of Alicante, Spain

winner: Nathaniel Cox  (who is now an amazing cornetto and lute player)      

2nd Prizes: Free Tuition was offered to the International Natural Trumpet Making Workshop held in Rostock, Germany or in Bloomington, Indiana, and taught by Robert Barclay, Richard Seraphinoff, and Michael Munkwitz. Also offered is one week’s tuition to the Baroque Performance Institute at Oberlin Conservatory. At the time, taught by Barry Bauguess.           

Tie for 2nd:

Chris Campbell 

Justin Bland



Justin Bland (living now in Denmark and making a very fine career playing baroque trumpet)






Shore Award (solo category up to age 18)

1st Prize: The Baroque Trumpet Shop Award–gift certificate from The Baroque Trumpet Shop of Barry Bauguess

Dominic Favia




winner: Dominic Favia (who was 13 years old at the time!)





Fantini Award (ages 19 to 28)

1st Prize: The Baroque Trumpet Shop Award–gift certificate from The Baroque Trumpet Shop       

winner: David Wharton (now teacher at Hartt Music School)

2nd Prize: The Bendinelli Award–anonymous cash gift          

2nd prize: Don Johnson III

Reiche Award (ages 29 and up)

1st Prize: The Naumann Award For Artistry—winner got a Naumann Baroque Trumpet

winner: Nicholas Althouse (now a member of the U.S. Army Field Band)













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