Saturday Smorgasbord: Blog Review and a Poem

Today’s post is a mix of a blog review and I thought I would add on a poem (by me!). 

Because he gave my blog a shout-out, I though I would return the favor and point you in the direction of Ross Wixon’s website, Wixon Music Works. Ross is a trumpeter, but he really is a great composer. Not only that, but he coached me through a lot of thorny spots in my own compositions, so I do owe him a debt of gratitude. 

Composer, blogger and trumpeter Ross Wixon

He has written about Video Game composing, Music Entrepreneurship, Marketing and the masculinity music themes in the movie “The Incredibles.” Ross is a really good writer, in addition to his composing. He even adds an academic flare by citing sources in his endnotes. 


I’ll leave you with a nice quote from Ross:

…Arts marketing is not really about commercializing art. The work you make retains all its value, and you should strive to push yourself to advance your craft and evolve in new, exciting directions, even as you tell people about the great work that you’re doing.

As promised, I will reveal my poetic side now with a little poem:



The shed I inherited

has been dying

for as long as I recall—

slowly crumbling, relenting,

a craze of ambition

and forgotten plans.

More hope than it can hold,

more winters than it can stand,

forgotten poisons ready to spill.



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