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Happiness comes from many sources, but charitable giving can be a big source of your happiness. What are some ways that you could give to musicians at this time of year? 

  1. Give to your local church and earmark the donation for music ministries. 
  2. Give to the Combined Federal Campaign (U.S.A. only). You can run a quick search for “music” in their Catalogue of Caring, which might turn up some charitable organizations that connect with you and your feelings of charity.
  3. There are public radio stations all over the United States. Many of them are asking for donations. 
  4. Kickstarter, Patreon, Indiegogo (not too much for trumpeters here). There are others. 
  5. Go hear live music. 
  6. Drop some money in a busker’s hat.
  7. Pay for recorded music on a platform like iTunes. 
  8. Buy a CD that’s on sale at a concert. 

Please respond by commenting with your favorite charity!


2 responses to “Give to music”

  1. Mary martha Avatar
    Mary martha

    I’ve done all 8 at some time or another, 3 or 4 within the past month.

    1. You’re a model citizen, Mary Martha! Good on ya!

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