Music review: J.F. Madeuf, Musica Fiorita playing Molter

Karlsruhe Palace, where Molter worked at the end of his life

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of music review. Today, I am writing a review about some powerful music: Jean François Madeuf’s new album featuring music by Johann Melchior Molter. James Miller has already written an excellent review for the Historic Brass Society Journal.

This new recording is a wonderful addition to the growing audio library we have of natural baroque trumpet playing. Jean François is joined on trumpet by Henry Moderlak and Tomohiro Sugimara on Molter’s Concerto No. 3 in D Major for three trumpets (MWV 4:11).

But the best part of this concerto is the third movement with its sweeping lines so wonderfully done by natural trumpets:

Jean François shows his artistic and trumpetistic abilities in the very demanding Concerto No. 1 for Trumpet in D Major (MWV 4:12):

But I really loved the whole album. Jean François and Olivier Picon play horn on the Divertimento in F Major (with tasty bassoon and  chalumeau also playing):

And I’ll leave you with this trumpet-less beauty:





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