Five-things Friday: Easy Warmup

  1. Breathing: fill up lungs 8 counts, hold 8 counts, exhale 8 counts. Repeat 2 times
  2. Lip buzzing: flap (imitating a horse), pedal concert B-flat, low concert B-flat (low C on B-flat trumpet, then play, as if on B-flat trumpet, first five notes of C Major, up and down.
  3. Mouthpiece buzzing: again, first five notes of C Major, entire C Major scale, arpeggiate C Major (all of these, as if on B-flat trumpet)
  4. Long tones: (on trumpet) Schlossberg #5
#5 from Schlossberg’s “Daily Drills”
  1. Lip flexibility: (on trumpet) Schlossberg #15
#15 from “Daily Drills”




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