Women’s march anniversary: 5 great women trumpeters

Trumpeter Allison Balsom

Today marks the first anniversary of the Women’s March. There are many great women trumpeters–let’s meet five.


Allison Balsom. A British phenom, she’s been soloing professionally for the past 17 years. She’s a big advocate for music education. She can even play baroque trumpet!

Tine Thing Helseth. I did a post about Tine a while back. She is an amazing soloist. Great tone and innovative programming.

Trumpeter Marie Speziale

Marie Speziale. An influential trumpet teacher and orchestral player. She was the first female to play trumpet in a major symphony orchestra, starting in the Cincinnati Symphony at the age of 19.

Ingrid Jensen is a Canadian jazz trumpeter who has won several Juno awards.

Barbara Butler. She is one of the best classical trumpet teachers in the U.S.



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3 thoughts on “Women’s march anniversary: 5 great women trumpeters

  1. Great list, but with so many great women trumpeters, I’m surprised a few were left out….but then the blog post would be 24,861 pages long….

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