Five things Friday: best-liked classical trumpeters on CD

I made a quick search on Amazon for the top classical trumpet CD albums, by customer review. All of them are more than 10 years old, because CDs are an old, unpopular medium for music. Nevertheless, they are all excellent recordings, and people have liked them a lot. These are the best-reviewed classical trumpeters, who have made CD albums at the moment:

1. Allison Balsom. She has a number of well-received albums, including her Haydn & Hummel: Trumpet Concertos album (2008) and her Bach: Works for Trumpet (2006).

2. Wynton Marsalis. His Baroque Music for Trumpets (2004) and his Haydn, Hummel, L. Mozart: Trumpet Concertos (2004) are top-selling.

3. Tine Thing Helseth has her 2007 Trumpet Concertos and her 2009 My Heart is Ever Present: Music for Trumpet

4. Håkan Hardenberger has two very popular albums: Famous Classical Trumpet Concertos (2000) and Håkan Hardenberger plays Haydn, Hertel, Hummel, Stamitz: Trumpet Concertos (1987).

5. And, finally, the fifth best reviewed classical trumpet album artist is Doc Severinsen with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Trumpet Spectacular (2006).



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