Music for the soul

I just went to a memorial service today. The deceased–she was a trumpeter and the wife of a friend of mine at work (a trombone player). When musicians lose someone from their own group, be prepared, because the music for that service will usually be unforgettable. There was beautiful singing, both solo and choir, an oboe solo, a brass quintet, solo trumpet, solo flugelhorn (and that was where I cried), organ, guitar, and, most touching and appropriate for the occasion, a magnificent trombone choir. If you have never heard a first-rate trombone choir in a church, you should definitely hear this when you can. It’s stunningly beautiful.

And the whole experience was reaffirming for my own life-choice in being a musician. We musicians are so lucky to be able to give music to those who are experiencing important things in life. Things like bar-mitzvahs, marriages, dramatic entertainments, graduations and, of course, funerals. Music is not an optional luxury. It is the essence of our lives.


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  1. Karl Hovey Avatar
    Karl Hovey

    Beautiful said, Stan.

    And thanks for marking this occasion. I cried during more than one performance, and agree that the massed trombone choir was etherial.

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