Trumpet Happiness, month three

Me. Feeling happy.

To recap my trumpet happiness project up to now:

December was the month I started getting serious about fitness (stationary rowing, calisthenics, walking and stretching), blogging daily, and getting things done.

January has turned out to be a great month to meditate, hug people and work on French. I also did a recital, which I will repeat in February.

I have done poorly in some of my resolutions, such as journaling every day, playing the top five orchestral excerpts for trumpet, editing a cornet duet book and practicing transposition etudes. These resolutions just didn’t work with my schedule this month, but I will probably get around to them soon.

For February, I aim to work on ear training (intervals), the top 15 trumpet orchestral excerpts, a composition that will sound like Hummel’s lost trumpet trio, getting better sleep, gratitude and jogging.

If I were to highlight what I think has been some of the biggest growth for me over the last two months, I would have to say it came from a foundation of fitness, a focus on my trumpet fundamentals and a calmness that I feel from mindfulness meditation. I feel really fortunate to have stumbled onto this trumpet happiness project, and I can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring!



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