What do you do with core values and a purpose statement?

If you have worked alongside me in getting a purpose statement and core values that describe yourself, then congratulations! You probably know a little more about yourself than you did before. You know what makes you tick. Now–what do you do with them?

Put them places. 

You can tape them onto your desk, computer, trumpet case, music stand, mirror, hallway or ceiling. Any place that you think you might need a little reminder about WHY you’re doing all this hard work. Put it on your computer desktop or phone lock-screen. Commit your core values and purpose statement to memory, so that you can confidently convey the real you in an elevator statement (a short statement that can be easily finished during an elevator ride).

Do you need to tell people your actual core values and purpose statement? I don’t think so. These are for you. What you tell others about yourself is INFORMED by your values and statement, but they can remain secret–a guiding principle in your trumpet journey that only you have to know.


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