On tour with the WCSE

Last Sunday marked the final performance of a small tour that I have been on with the Washington Cornett and Sackbutt Ensemble (WCSE). We played twice in Chattanooga and twice in Knoxville (both in Tennessee).

We got a chance to play many times within the span of a few days, which helped us grow as a group.


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4 thoughts on “On tour with the WCSE

  1. All the traditional genres are represented but there is also the bizarre and fantastic, which are just as prevalent and give credence to a popular local sticker “Keep Chattanooga Weird. ” For example, there are 125 public art sculptures in the area from North Chattanooga to the Sculpture Gardens.

    • Ainsley, thanks so much for your comment. Up until this trip, I hadn’t visited Chattanooga for a couple of decades. I felt like it was much different from before–and really more vibrant and interesting! –Stan

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