Trumpet teaching, new ideas

This blog is, if nothing else, a sounding board. So, I will sound out some of my more extreme ideas on what trumpet teaching could be for this blog post.

  1. What if trumpet teaching were done only as a group?
  2. What if students had to learn their repertoire only by listening?
  3. What if students had to submit a recording of their own efforts before their lessons?
  4. What if students directed their own study and their teacher adjusted exercises and advice to suit the student’s inclinations?
  5. What if teamwork were emphasized?
  6. What if teachers had an open-door policy for students to come at any time?
  7. What if students had to produce a professional-quality recorded track each semester?
  8. What if students had to write their own exercises?
  9. What if students had to earn $30 in a day by busking to pass their jury?
  10. What if students had to compose or improvise an original piece each semester?


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