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I am a tenure-track teacher at Colorado State University. That does not mean that I have tenure, but that I am “on track” to get tenure (and a promotion) in a few years. At regular intervals, I have to submit materials about all the things I have done in order to show the “promotion and tenure” committee that I have been doing a good job and that I am “on track.” In addition, I have to submit a list of my goals. I am a big believer in goals that can motivate, so I thought I might share my work on this.

After I submitted my most recent goal list, my feedback from the committee was that I should “rework (my) current creative goals, focusing on creating less general and more specifically achievable goals that reflect both (my) strengths and the standards of a research one institution.” Below, I will reprint my most recent list of goals, divided into teaching, creative activities, and service. In red text below each item, I consider how I can rewrite my goals for the next submission. This is just brainstorming, and I do feel a little vulnerable for sharing this, but I would love to know what you think! If there might be a take-away for the general population of trumpeters, I think it is that we can benefit by working on our goals–refining them to fit our values, and working towards accomplishing them.


-To help develop CSU trumpet students through thoughtfully-selected repertoire, innovative teaching techniques and to be a reliable advocate for their success and wellness (I will introduce a second studio warmup; require higher quality of preparation for less number of assignments; introduce skits and scenarios to explore musical ethics)

-To recruit more effectively, increasing the studio size to hopefully 14-16 solid, contributing students (this can be achieved in one or two years)

-To work with my colleagues to develop a more robust chamber music program that ideally would extend from freshman through graduate levels and that would establish CSU as a chamber music destination (establish a summer chamber music retreat for area high school and college students; work for curriculum changes that will support CSU chamber music more strongly)

-To develop an optimal curriculum through better repertoire options, thoughtfully-written syllabi, well-organized course mappings and engaging lesson plans and to learn more about Canvas design, Echo360 and other technology that will enhance my teaching (I will revise syllabi, repertoire lists, and map out and build a new online component to applied trumpet)

-To look for opportunities to showcase my students beyond CSU (make virtual split-screen recording of a collaboration of CSU students and a studio from a different place; help students enter competitions on national level)

-To develop educational materials that can be of help to middle and high school trumpet students and the teachers (create a digital pamphlet of equipment and fundamental suggestions, lists of exercises and repertoire for middle and high school student in the area)

-To explore ways to mentor advanced students in professional performing situations (incorporate skits about performing situations into studio class)

-To acquire more knowledge and skill in holistic approaches to teaching (continue Alexander Technique lessons and to achieve next level of Suzuki trumpet teaching certification; start learning TAG teaching)

Creative Activities

-To continue to perform and develop my career as an active orchestral, chamber, and solo musician throughout the Colorado region and beyond (get tenure in the Fort Collins Symphony, our local orchestra where I already am principal trumpet; perform a recital with a local quintet that I play in; submit recording for the next virtual International Trumpet Guild Conference on the “New Works” recital)

-To explore avenues for artist representation and/or endorsement (I play Bach trumpets, so I am trying to get endorsed by Bach, but I will consider another instrument manufacturer)

-To work towards a solo recording project based upon recent commissions written for me (I will professionally record, during this next summer, five new pieces for trumpet that I commissioned)

-To develop more performance opportunities for the CSU Faculty Brass Quintet and Trio (organize high school visits and a recital for this group)

-To focus on my strengths in the trumpet world: early music, orchestral and band expertise, and my own compositions for trumpet (I will blog every day this year; focus will include my research, pedagogical ideas and embedded video recordings for demonstrating concepts) 


-To continue to engage high school students and their band directors, furthering the CSU land grant mission (I will offer to dozens of band programs virtual masterclasses and prospective lessons to students who are considering studying music on the college level)

-To continue to produce the CSU All-State Instructional Videos (as before, I will produce about 15 All-State instructional videos in which CSU music faculty will demonstrate Colorado All-State excerpts)

-To seek out areas where I can contribute to, or possibly lead, professional organizations related to trumpet or brass instruments (I was elected as Vice President of the Historic Brass Society, so this one is going well!)

-To bring professional organizations and/or competitions to CSU (I will try to host a historic brass competition on the CSU campus)





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