Historic Brass Society–annual meeting

I just got through my first global annual membership meeting of the Historic Brass Society–as vice president and president-elect. We held two virtual meetings at different times to make it more available to our world-wide membership.

From our website: The Historic Brass Society is an international music organization concerned with the entire range of early brass music, from Ancient Antiquity and the Biblical period through the present including the development of jazz and its influence on brass instruments, literature and playing techniques. The history, music, literature and performance practice of early brass instruments such as natural trumpet, natural horn, early trombone, cornetto, serpent, keyed bugle, keyed trumpet, early valve horn, 19th century brass instruments are some of the main issues of concern to the HBS.

So, as you can see, almost any brass player can find networking, expertise and nurturing from the HBS. We are still having events during the pandemic. May 24-26, we will host a virtual symposium called “Pond Life: Crosscurrents over the Atlantic.” We are just about to release the 2020 Journal (the HBS Journal is one of the most authoritative academic journals related to brass). We have many new ideas that we hope to implement in the next year, so stay tuned. I’ll be chatting about them!

Would you like to help in the HBS? We need people who are interested in web design, writing, reviewing, planning events, translating, hosting events, and the list goes on.

Since the HBS will occupy a lot of my thought and effort over the next few years, I have decided to use the Trumpet Journey blog as a way to informally announce HBS activities, ask for suggestions from my readers and to encourage everyone to join this fantastic professional organization (or re-join if you once were a member). I view my job at HBS this way: I have to learn as much as possible from our fantastic outgoing president for 30+ years, Jeff Nussbaum, and I also have to learn from the all the committees and board members what is working and not working (and how to fix it). And I would like to brainstorm with you all–to help this organization do great.

In the meantime, please head on over to our membership page and consider joining. It’s very reasonable! If you have any problems, just let me know, and I will help. Thanks!


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