At the last Clarkelet: the Sixth Study in triplets

I have enjoyed putting into Finale the Clarke studies that are in simple meter into triplets. I have been practicing these for at least a year already, but I haven’t gotten around to writing them out until this past week.

Today’s post is a reimagining of the Sixth Study in triplets. As in the other triplet versions, this allows for triple tongue practice with a relationship of one note to one syllable of the triple tongue–but at the same time it remains somewhat faithful to the contours of the original Clarke study. Of course, you can also practice these with other articulations or with slurs throughout. The triplet feel can allow for more fluidity in your playing.

This is the last one of this series, because the Seventh and Eighth Studies are already in triplets. The Ninth Study can simply be extended by one half-step in range to accommodate a triplet or compound feel. And the Tenth Study is not really conducive to this kind of practice.

So without further ado, here is the first page of the Sixth Study in triplets:

As before, here is a PDF of the whole study, if you would like to have it for practice. Clarke 6 in triplets


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