A live performance of Vivaldi

Josh with his baroque trumpet

In 2011, Josh Cohen and I performed the Vivaldi Concerto for two trumpets in C (RV537) with the Bach Sinfonia in the Cultural Arts Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Daniel Abraham was the conductor, Risa Browder was the concert master. This was certainly a great honor for me–especially working with Josh, who is an amazing baroque trumpeter. He played the first trumpet part, I played the second.

One thing that stretched me for this project was when, about two weeks before, Josh asked if I would like to play from memory. After picking up my jaw off the floor—I agreed. It was thrilling to play this from memory–I think the audience really liked it, but next time I do that, I’d probably like a little more time!

Despite some flaws, I’d like to share the live recording of this performance for a couple of reasons. First, because it’s great music. Second, because it shows how really good Josh is (and how I need to work on a few things). Third, because I think it’s important to share authentic efforts. I hope you enjoy!


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