Remembering “Night Club”

Over the last two days, I have reminisced about the first two movements of my solo for trumpet and orchestra that I composed and performed in 2014, titled Night Passages. I shared a recording two days ago of the first movement “Night Fall.” Yesterday, I shared a recording of the second movement, “Night Walk.” Today, I will share the final movement, “Night Club.” But this time as a video of a later performance with piano reduction. The pianist is Dr. Ina Mirtcheva Blevins. The premier was with the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic under the direction of Ulysses James.

After a short outburst from the piano, the trumpet introduces the melody, drawn from the main theme of “Night in Tunisia.” I used traditional Latin figurations, such as the “montuno,” derived from Cuban music, to make this movement feel like a salsa tune. The middle of the movement takes a brief look backwards to the opening melody of the first movement before launching into a small baroque-like counterpoint section. At the end of this short movement, I switch to piccolo trumpet with a variation of the main melody played in harmony with the pianist’s right hand.


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