Historic Brass Conference next week!

Hello Trumpet Journey audience! I wanted to make an announcement about the Historic Brass Society’s upcoming virtual conference next week (Monday, May 24 through Wednesday, May 26).

The conference will focus on the exchange and cross-pollination of ideas between Britain, Europe and the Americas, with 18 presentations on topics including instruments, trade and manufacturing; the development of the brass quintet; British and American dance bands; repertoire, composers, performers; and performance practices.  Events include a Roundtable discussion on Brass Chamber Music moderated by John Miller with Allan Dean, Ray Mase, John Wallace, Simon Hogg and others; a session on British and American Dance Bands including a play along session led by Richard Michael (jazz educator); John Webb and His Collection of Brass Instruments with Arnold Myers, presentation of the Monk Awards (both 2020 and 2021 recipients), memorial tributes, and a livestream concert performance by The Wallace Collection of original 19th-century small brass ensemble music played on period instruments from the Webb  Collection at the RCS.

Registration is online and free and open to all people–you don’t have to be a member of the Historic Brass Society: https://forms.gle/q9HutqkQvWKyjUZW7

Here is the schedule. All of these times are for New York (EDT) and then for London (BST). All of the presentations should be great, but I have marked in bold and with color the presentations that should be especially interesting to trumpeters.


~Monday May 24~

9:00EDT/2:00BST Opening Comments – John Wallace and Jeff Nussbaum Keynote Address: Clifford Bevan

10:00EDT/3:00BST Katy Ambrose: The Impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade on Horn Players of African Descent in 18th century England and American Colonies (Lecture)

10:30EDT/3:30BST Tommi Hyytinen & Johanna Eränkö Hyytinen: Bernhard Crusell’s Horn Concerto (Lecture Demonstration)

11:00EDT/4:00BST – BREAK

11:15EDT/4:15BST Nicolas Roudier: The horn of Leutgeb and Mozart: investigation and experimentation (Lecture – Demonstration)

11:45EDT/4:45BST Jack Adler-McKean: The contrabass tuba: Wagner’s most mysterious, divisive and influential “invention”? (Lecture)

12:15EDT/5:15BST Jimena Palacios Uribe: Transatlantic musical legacies: the importation of musical instruments for brass bands from Europe to Mexico from the second half of the 19th century. (Lecture)

12:45EDT/5:45BST Break

1:00EDT/6:00BST Eric Roefs and the new Kaiser-Cornet-Quartett: “The Most Skilled Combination of the Kind in the World”–The Kaiser-Cornet-Quartett in the United States, 1872. (Lecture-Recital)

2:00EDT/7:00BST Break

2:15EDT/7:15BST Liza Malamut: Sprezzatura or Athleticism? The Influence of 20th-Century Sound Recordings on Historical Brass Performance Practice (Lecture)

2:45EDT/7:45BST Robert Warren Apple: The Keyed Trumpet and the Fathers of the Viennese Waltz (1826-1832) (Lecture)

3:15EDT/8:15BST Gilbert Cline: Fantini’s “Tromba Sordina” — the other two-handed Trumpet? (Lecture- Demonstration)

~TUESDAY May 25~

9:00EDT/2:00BST Stewart Carter: Trumpets and Drums in Early China: The Art Militaire des chinois of Joseph-Marie Amiot (Lecture)

9:30EDT/2:30BST Memorial Session in remembrance of Jeremy Montagu, Alan Lumsden, Peter Ecklund, Ed Tarr and others.

10:30EDT/3:30BST Break

10:45EDT/3:45BST Stuart Harris-Logan: Introducing the Brass Archives of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

11:15EDT/4:15BST Arnold Myers: John Webb and his Collection of Brass Instruments

11:45EDT/4:45BST Break

12:00EDT/5:00BST British and American Dance Bands 1910-1970 Part 1: Richard Michael Interactive session / Intro to Dance Band (also Livestream via YouTube)

12:45EDT/5:45BST British and American Dance Bands 1910-1970 Part 2: John Wallace, moderator with Clifford Bevan, Dan Block, Hilary Michael, Richard Michael


2:15EDT/7:15BST Alexander McGrattan: The emergence of a distinctive British orchestral trumpet style: a study of the formative years of Herbert Barr and George Eskdale (Lecture) 7:45 John Humphries: The London Horn Scene in 1910 (Lecture)

3:15EDT/8:15BST Anneke Scott and The Prince Regent’s Band: The Celebrated Distin Family (Recital)


9:00EDT/2:00BST Christer Fredriksson: The 19th Century Tradition -alive and well in Sweden! with Prins Carl, a brass sextet of Livgardets Dragonmusikkår (The Royal Swedish Cavalry Band) (Lecture-Recital)

9:30EDT/2:30BST Sandy Coffin: Brass chamber music in 1850s Paris: Spotlight on Auguste Mimart (Lecture)

10:00EDT/3:00BST Andrew Kershaw with Jeremy West: “Bringing a Collection to Life” Queen Victoria’s Consort (Lecture-Recital)

10:30EDT/3:30BST Bede Williams: The crosscurrents or braided rivers of brass playing in New Zealand (Lecture)

11:00EDT/4:00BST Break

11:15EDT/4:15BST Monk Awards: Peter Holmes (2020) and Friedemann Immer (2021)

11:30EDT/4:30BST Development of the Brass Quintet -Roundtable: John Miller, moderator; with Allan Dean, Ray Mase, John Rojak, Simon Hogg, John Wallace, Tony George

BREAK / Social time via Zoom

2:00EDT/7:00BST Finale Concert – The Wallace Collection performing Bellon, Mimart and Beethoven on period instruments . (also Livestream via YouTube)


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