More Suzuki observations

My third day of pouring over Suzuki class videos has led me to make another list of good ideas from doing these observations. My top from today:

  1. Change the tone, pacing, material and expectations as the child changes age. Let the child help set this change–they may ask for certain things (like a trumpet instead of a pocket trumpet).
  2. When working on fundamentals, try to lead from memory and be spontaneous, so that you are focused on the child (and the child is focused on you).
  3. Learn lots of games to play as a group when doing a group class with young children.
  4. Make group classes interactive. Not just between you and the students, but between one student and the next. Make a rhythm train (or “caterpillar”), or divide the notes of a song between the different students.
  5. Give students lots of choices. Or use a wheel spinner or dice to choose randomly.


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