Ten things I like about recording

Starting today, I will be recording five newly-commissioned compositions that I’ll record during the next five days at Colorado State University’s Griffin Hall. I am working with the fabulous team of Arts Laureate–the same team that recorded my first album, Refracted Light.

I’m looking forward to this, and I thought I would post my top ten things I like about doing a recording.

  1. You can focus on the details. This isn’t a performance, so you can take much more time to get the musical details right.
  2. You can optimize the trumpet sound. Working with different equipment, setups, distances, you can capture a personalized sound concept.
  3. Chops get better. With so many takes during many days of recording, you get stronger AND more responsive.
  4. Confidence goes up. With so many takes, you begin to focus more easily.
  5. The music gets an archival status. You may not be definitive, but you can get pretty close.
  6. You understand what you really sound like. With the best professional equipment, you have a clearer idea what your strengths, weaknesses and peculiarities are.
  7. You set aside everything else in your calendar. Your schedule is fairly open!
  8. Your work helps bring unknown repertoire into the public awareness.
  9. Recording represents one of the highest points of creative endeavors of musicians. It’s a very cool thing.
  10. You bring closure to all those months of preparation. You don’t have to play this music so much any more when it’s over!


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