Recording, day 1

Christian Amonson, founder and owner of Arts Laureate

Yesterday was the first day of recording with Christian Amonson, the owner and founder of Arts Laureate. Christian was a very patient and amazing collaborator on a day where some things were not working great. The piano tuner came late, I was having trouble getting through some passages, and there were major equipment failures (not Christian’s equipment). Through all that, he carefully considered the musical demands of Amy Dunker’s score of Three Images from the Hubble Telescope, and he coaxed out of me the very best musical approach possible.

The pattern that we’ve gotten into is to hit some difficult passages first (to make sure I can play those, in terms of freshness and endurance), then continue to chop up the piece until it’s all “in the can.” During this portion, there is only one camera rolling. Then we do a run through, with possible patches, with all video cameras running, to get a final sense of continuity.

I certainly was tested yesterday with high notes and a crazy section of double tongue that slowly widens the intervals until just past the octave. But the most challenging part of yesterday was playing long, soft tones with grace and direction. I thought at times, “I should have been a clarinet player!”


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