Yesterday’s recording session ended with a problem over how to record a computer-accompanied piece by Kevin Olson. This piece has computer cues to advance through the score–the cues help determine what the accompaniment is doing (that, and the trumpet sound). The problem was that my bluetooth pedal was not connecting with my computer, so I couldn’t advance the cues. This occupied about three hours yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I was worried about my timeline for the week.

When I came home last night, I tried a different computer, and the bluetooth pedal worked. So, this morning, we were able to knock out this complex, highly technical piece in three hours. This kept us on schedule. After a great lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, we went back and recording a piece by Kevin Poelking for trumpet, piano and percussion (my CSU colleagues Tim Burns on piano and Eric Hollenbeck on percussion). This piece took a little more than four hours to record, but we got it done! My wife, Christian and I celebrated by going out to the “Mayor of Old Town” for some beers.

Here are some photos from today:



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