Trumpet Journey

Exploring my Inspiration, Craftsmanship, Research and Growth as a Trumpet Performer and Teacher

A Passion for Authenticity, Beauty, and Community in Music

What will you learn about the trumpet today?


I explore performing in ways that speak directly from my own vision, and I particularly enjoy performing historic music in an authentic style and on period instruments.


I seek ways to play the trumpet with the most beautiful tone and technique. I also look for opportunities to compose music that resonates with people.


My primary community is my trumpet studio at Colorado State University where I get to work with wonderful students. But I also love the trumpet and music community all over the world.


I try to show trumpeters how and to practice.


I am interested in all kinds of repertoire and ways to play it more musically.


I am interested in helping everyone find their own unique musical story and exploring ways to bring this story to life.

Practice Resources

I already have lesson plans to help you get better, but I hope to develop them into something exciting soon!


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