This Day in History: 1890-03-24

Vincent Bach (born Vincenz Schrottenbach), Austrian-born American cornetist and instrument maker, famous worldwide for his mouthpieces and brass instruments, studied engineering, while on solo tour in England, immigrated to the U.S. when WWI broke out, joined Boston Symphony, featured soloist in 1915 San Francisco Exposition, moved to NYC joining the Diaghilev Ballet orchestra at the MET opera house, enlisted in U.S. Army in 1917 and appointed bandleader of 306th Field Artillery Regiment Band and made quality mouthpieces for Army trumpeters who otherwise couldn’t get them, from this beginning in mouthpieces started small brass instrument repair shop, opened factory in 1922, modeled his first trumpets on the French Besson, began the Vincent Bach Corporation in NYC in 1928, moved this to Mount Vernon, NY, in 1953, sold the company to Selmer in 1961 moving to Elkhart, Indiana, born in Baden, Austria.