This Day in History: 1956-05-30

Valaida Snow, American jazz trumpeter (and player of cello, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, accordion, clarinet, saxophone), played in shows as star performers by her early 20s, featured in the Broadway musical In Bamville (1924), performed in Shanghai with the Jack Carter Band (1926), headliner at the Sunset Café in Chicago (1928), toured Soviet Union, Middle East in the Blackbirds show (1929), featured at the Théatre Saint-Martin in Paris (1930), played with Earl Hines, Coujht Basie, Teddy Weatherford and Fetcher Henderson, spend most of the 1930s in Europe, arrested and held at Wester-Faengle Nazi concentration camp (1940-42) until returned to U.S. in prisoner exchange, formed her own band and resumed performing in 1943 and into the 1950s, appeared in two films, one of the most glamorous and gifted musicians ever, died in New York, New York.