This Day in History: 1868-07-17

Théo Charlier, Belgian trumpeter, principal trumpet in the Concerts of the Palace of Arts and Commerce in Antwerp and the Royal French Opera, professor of the Liège Royal Conservatory, principal of the Royal Theater of the Monnaie in Brussels, then director of the Mariemont Bascoup Colliery Band and School of Music, designed a piston B-flat trumpet made by Mahillon (“Charlier model”), first to perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 at the correct octave on a piccolo G trumpet made by Mahillon, patented the screw-rim mouthpiece, noted soloist, founded the Scola musicæ in Brussels, composed his famous 36 Transcendental Etudes for trumpet, received many awards, a pioneer in playing Bach’s trumpet parts, born in Seraing-sur-Meuse, France.