I bring great fortunes of new trumpet traditions

It’s Christmas, and my family, like millions around the U.S., engaged in an important Christmas tradition: eating Chinese takeout. And at almost every American Chinese restaurant, you get a fortune cookie with a pithy little saying printed on a small slip of paper that’s hidden inside the cookie. We got five today. Here’s one:






You can add a little phrase to your fortunes to give it a new twist: “As a trumpeter…”

So, this one would be “As a trumpeter, frequent conversations will fill your heart with joy.”

Another fortune:

As a trumpeter, never forget that a half truth is a whole lie.”



This one works well for those needing to figure out who to study with or what audition to take:

As a trumpeter, find a peaceful place where you can make plans for the future.”

You have to change it up a little for some of the fortunes:

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide what to practice.”

And, of course, some fortunes are enigmatic. 

You could try, “Now go for it! The trumpet is ready to be pick.”


I’ll leave you with this one that I found on another website:




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