A look back at the 2008 Historic Division

By 2008, I was looking for ways to diversify the National Trumpet Competition’s Historic Division–to encourage competition on historic instruments related to the trumpet other than just the baroque trumpet. Unfortunately, I have NO photos or audio recordings of this event. But it was a lot of fun. Here was the initial announcement:

The 2008 Historic Division:
Ralph Dudgeon, Honorary Chairman

  • The Reiche Category: Ages 24 and older
         Naumann Baroque Trumpet—The Naumann Award for Artistry
  • The Fantini Category: Up to Age 23
         Winner: Tuition to the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute
    Runner up: The Baroque Trumpet Shop Award ($500 gift certificate) 
  • The “No Holes” Award: Open to All Ages
         Winner: Natural Trumpet by Michael Münkwitz
  • 19th-Century Award: Open to All Ages
    Winner: The Nat’l Assoc. for Civil War Brass Music Award ($250)
  • The Historic Brass Society Award: Winners/runners-up of all awards: HBS Membership, back-issues and registration to the Early Brass Festival

At the NTC Conference, I also organized and led the Navy Band Trumpet Ensemble in my arrangement of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 2, movement three–all trumpets.

The 19th-Century Award finals were accompanied by a vintage brass band, the “Federal City Brass Band,” conducted by Elisa Koehler. This incredible band, in Civil War costume, also performed their own concert pieces (not just accompanying the two finalists for the 19th-Century Award).

Here’s what happened in the final rounds of the various categories in the Historic Division of the NTC. These winners were:

  • Fantini Award (up to age 23): Justin Bland
  • No Holes Award (open age): Justin Bland
  • Reiche Award (open age): John Bryant
  • 19th-Century Award (open age): Jeff Stockham

Here is a live recording of Jeff Stockham performing the Joseph Küffner, Polonaise pour le Cor de signale-à-clef obligé with the Federal City Brass Band on the final round of this competition.

The two finalists for the 19th-c. award: Jeff Stockham and Raquel Rodriquez (now Samayoa)
The runners up:
  • Fantini Award: Jeffrey Northman
  • No Holes Award: no runner up
  • Reiche Award: Don Johnson
  • 19th-Century Award Rachel Rodriguez.


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