The Trumpet Journey List 2018–what’s in and out



Sizzlin’ Double-High C

Gorgeous High C

Begin playing trumpet in 5th grade band (age 10)

Begin Suzuki trumpet at age 4

Over-priced Mt. Vernon

Great sounding trumpet found in yard sale

Digital Bugles

Bugles Across America

Practicing hours and hours

Practicing smart

Doc Severinsen

James Morrison

Woodwindy-sounding baroque trumpets

Authentic-sounding natural trumpets



Modern trumpeters playing equal temperament

Just intonation

Cornetto players playing just intonation

Mean-tone temperament

YouTube vids of arpeggios and high notes

Vids of unaccompanied Bach transcriptions

Snarky trolls on trumpet chat rooms

Helpful suggestions on chat rooms

Tricks of the (trumpet) trade

The trade

Sleigh Ride Whinnies

Carols on antique cornets

Focal dystonia

Re-learning how to play from scratch




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