Social Sunday: Indiegogo improvisation app campaign

I just did something new: I backed a crowdsourcing campaign. Hosted by Indiegogo, this campaign is to help develop an app that will help Renaissance and early Baroque musicians practice their ornamentation and improvisation. It’s called Passaggi.

I elected to fund at a premium level, so that I get some sort of rewards, but you can fund these types of projects at any level.

I’m really excited about this project, because it seems to promise something that is really difficult to teach. It teaches you how to improvise in the style of late-16th Century and early-17th Century music. One of the big incentives is that fact that it will provide a continuo for you to play with, and you can alter its pitch and temperament to suit your needs. Here’s a little video about it.

I’d love to know what you’re backing in the crowdsourcing world! Send a comment about it!


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