Trip to Montevallo, part 2

During my recital at Montevallo (see yesterday’s post), I also played the late Sammy Nestico’s Portrait of a Trumpet, dedicated to Conrad Gozzo. This is a great piece for classical trumpeters to dip their toes into music that’s a little more jazz-like. Or, conversely, a good piece for jazz trumpeters to play on a school recital.

I also played the first sonata by Girolamo Fantini (published in his 1638 method book). Normally I would play a piece like this with organ accompaniment (a small, continuo organ, tuned to 1/4 comma meantone temperament), but, without such an instrument, I still thought it was important to share this wonderful repertoire from 400 years ago. This live performance (with some authentically missed notes!) was on a natural baroque trumpet. I would now play this on a larger mouthpiece, but at the time this setup seemed to work well with such a variety of repertoire. You’ll hear me bending some harmonics to achieve notes that are not normally available to the natural trumpet.



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