A wonderful cornet solo by Bach–the other Bach

In early 2013, I went on a West Coast tour with the Navy Band. It was a really fantastic tour–and I got to play a solo on the tour. Vincent Bach’s Hungarian Melodies. If you’re looking for a cornet solo that doesn’t last too long and has a lot of heart, then look no farther than this gem.

For this performance, I listened to a recording of the same piece, arranged by Gunther Schuller and performed by Gerard Schwarz. In this version there is an added introduction that I re-wrote for concert band, and that’s what we did. Let me know if you’d like a copy of this version (for band or brass band accompaniment).

Capt. Brian Walden was the conductor.




5 responses to “A wonderful cornet solo by Bach–the other Bach”

  1. Oscar Passley Avatar
    Oscar Passley

    Great piece! My first time hearing this and you did a fantastic job! Thanks for posting and love to hear all of your weekly interviews!

  2. One of my favorites! Sounds beautiful. Do you have access to brass band parts and score? I can’t find it anywhere.

    1. Stanley Avatar

      I do have brass band parts. You can email me stanley.curtis “at” colostate “dot” edu

      1. John Vincent Bach Avatar
        John Vincent Bach

        Stanley…I enjoyed your introduction…Nicely done…the best I have ever heard.
        I have a full orchestra score for VB’s “Hungarian Melodies”… written at my request by an associate of Roy Hemply, deceased, …who dedicated 30 years as a collector, researcher, and author of all things “Bach” (and who also privately performed “Hungarian Melodies”)

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