2013 West Coast Navy Band Tour, part 1

In yesterday’s post, I shared a recording of a solo I did in 2013 on a Navy Band tour of the West Coast. I want to share some other memories of that tour in the next few days’ posts.

Among the highlights: a photo of me with RADM (ret) George W. Lotzenhiser, who came back stage after I soloed on Vincent Bach’s Hungarian Melodies. He was an MU, but transferred to another rate and went all the way to O-8. Here’s an article on him. He showed me a trumpet pamphlet (he’s holding it in the photo) that had been signed by Vincent Bach in 1934! Trumpeter David Doerksen of the Portland area came to a concert. David had been the teacher of Navy Band trumpeter, John Schroeder. We also enjoyed visiting with Dr. Joan Paddock, trumpet professor at Linfield University.

I had a chance to visit my cousin Tanya and her family–and her father (my uncle Bill).

We stayed at the Grand Hotel, in Salem, Oregon, where I started a little tradition of photographing a Hot Wheels Ferrari–to send back to my two boys. They both really liked cars back then. We also had a visit from retired Navy Band member, Scott Alexander and his daughter.



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