Chamber music: trumpet ensemble for five

The trumpet ensemble is a fluid genre. It can be scored for three to six to dozens of trumpets. In Monday’s post, I shared some modern trumpet ensemble literature for three and four trumpets. Today, I’d like to look at trumpet ensembles made up of five trumpets.

Here is the Eastman trumpet ensemble playing Tony Plog’s Contrasts.

Jan Koetsier wrote a three-movement Concertino Piccolo for two piccolo trumpets in A and three C trumpets. Here is the first movement:

There are many other “serious” trumpet quintet compositions, but on a slightly lighter note, here are some trumpet ensemble pieces by the popular composer Erik Morales, starting with his Cityscapes.

Here is his Cyclone.

Morales also has a Metallic Fury, Path of Discovery and X1 for trumpet quintet–all great. If you’re interested in something a little jazzy, here is Wolf Escher’s Five Steps to the Answer.



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    Erik Morales,Cityscapes

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