Today, I spend a nice amount of time chatting about how the Historic Brass Society’s virtual conference went with members of the HBS Board and with the organizer of the event (Sandy Coffin). We did our entire conference on the Zoom platform. It was a little informal, but comfortable for attendees. Question-and-Answer sessions also felt comfortable and cozy. On the whole we all liked it and will definitely consider doing a virtual conference again in the future.

Then, after a 30-minute break, I got on to the HBS’s video presentation for the International Trumpet Guild to answer any questions from the attendees. The ITG is also doing a virtual presentation. Their platform is Accelevents. This is a pretty robust platform, but I felt like it was more disconnected among the participants, because in large part there is no video communication between attendees. The HBS/ITG presentation went well, even though the number of attendees was not as high as we were hoping for.

The great thing about a video presentation, however, is that it still exists!! So, we in the HBS will be uploading it to our YouTube channel to continue sharing it.

I love the opportunities of summer-time conferences. There is so much wealth of information and music to share.

Now, I need to find a practice room….


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