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On March  19, 2005, I hosted the second baroque trumpet division of the National Trumpet Competition. Here are some photos and a write-up that I submitted to the Historic Brass Society Newsletter about what happened:

Crispian Steele-Perkins was the Honorary Chairman. Mr. Steele-Perkins presented a recital on many different historic trumpets, and he conducted a clinic, in which he worked with several students on various technical concepts.

Winners of three sub-categories were as follows:

  • The high-school age category (up to age 18) known as the “Shore Award,” was won by Kevin Abel. He won a $250 cash prize. He played the 2nd etude from “25 Études Caractéristiques” by F. G. A. Dauverné from his Methode pour la Trompete (without fingerholes) and J. Clarke’s Suite of Ayres for the Theatre (McNaughtan, 1990).
  • Logan Place won an open-age category of medium difficulty called the “Fantini Award.” He won a $500 shopping spree at Barry Bauguess’ Baroque Trumpet Shop by playing Canciónes de Clarines , Movements I and II (these movements without fingerholes), and G. F. Handel’s [?] Suite in D Major.
  • And finally Nicholas Harvey won the “Reiche Award,” which was open to all ages and presented the greatest technical difficulties. He won a Naumann Baroque Trumpet, valued at nearly $2000, sponsored by Andrew Naumann, by playing Reiche’s Abblasen Fanfare (sans fingerholes) and G. P. Telemann’s Concerto in D Major.

After a recorded round, ten participants went on to the live round. They included Kevin Abel, who was the only finalist in the Shore Award; Justin Bland, Amy Hock, Don Johnson III, and Jamie Davis as finalists for the Fantini Award; and Kathryn James, Jamie Davis, Dave Maller and Don Johnson, Jr. as finalists for the Reiche Award. Dr. Joel Greenberger was accepted into the finals but could not attend. (I

ncidentally, Don Johnson, Jr. won the “Pro Am” division of the NTC this year by playing J. B. Arban’s Norma Variations on an echo cornet)

Crispian Steele-Perkins was the Honorary Chair for judging the competition. Other judges were, Stanley Curtis, chair, Barry Bauguess, Dr. Elisa Koehler and Dr. David Baum.

Sponsors included Naumann Trumpets, who sponsored the Historic Division; The Baroque Trumpet Shop, which sponsored the Fantini Award; Maller Brass, which sponsored Crispian Steele-Perkin’s appearance; and Crown Music Press, which sponsored Crispian Steele-Perkin’s accompanist and for Crispian Steele-Perkin’s appearance.

Adam Pearl of Peabody Conservatory was the accompanist. He played a continuo organ donated for this competition by Webb Wiggins.


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